Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 Goals

As I look forward and see 2009 looming before me, I ponder my goals for the upcoming year. I am not one for resolutions, but I do like to make improvements on what I have learned. 2008 was too much fun and I really learned a lot about myself and what I can do if I want to. I also saw areas for improvement, and recognize that I need to make goals this year to be a better person, runner and cyclist.

When I look at all the events I could participate in, the list is seemingly endless. I am already signed up for a couple of very challenging events. These are part of my goals this year. As part of this trek to self improvement I decided to send off my entry to the Wasatch Front 100 mile endurance run. Not totally certain I will be selected to participate in this event, I am going to apply for it anyway. To me this is the ultimate test of will and phsyical challenge. The thought of it scares me, plain and simple, I get a lump in my stomach thinking about taking it on. But I also believe I can get it done. The preparation is a little worrisome as it will take time and committment from me. Time is always a luxury these days. So that brings the first goal:

Balance- Moderation in all things we are told. This will be a challenge as I want to do everything. For me to accomplish this goal I will have to allot time for all in my life. Most importantly my kids and my wife.

Work- I want to be the best I can be and learn much in my new employ. 2009 will be year for all of this, there are changes a coming and I want to be able to be the best employee I can be.

Personal growth- Through training, dedication and positive actions, my goal is to be a better athlete, husband and father.

I think that is enough for 2009.

Now which races to run? There are just not enough days in the year. I want it all.


  1. These are good goals. I think that one of the hardest things about running long distances is the time it takes to prepare. I am way excited for Moab!

  2. moab is going to be a blast! I am running with Kandi.