Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Moab Red Hot 50K+

On February 14th Valentines day (yes can you believe that? Cupid was not present, he's not a runner) I got to run the Moab Red Hot 50K+. The plus is there because it is 3 miles farther than a regular 50K (31 miles) so this was a 34 mile event and it was a beauty. As you can see from the photo it was a perfect day to run. We ran Gemini Bridges road to Metal Masher trail, to Gold Bar rim trail, Golden spike to Poison Spider. Very tough trails and one of the most scenic runs I have ever had. It was a great day of running I felt good and best of all I had a great time and kept my spirits up and not once did I get down and feel emotionally drained. A lot times in long races I have gotten discouraged because of time goals or not feeling great. In this race I felt good physically and mentally. I didn't run terribly fast 7:18, but the terrain was insane, I had not trained for such craziness. There were times we were literally scrambling up nearly sheer slickrock faces, and bombing down 60 degree downhills, if there was level section, it was sand. And it was a blast. Here I am on a real nice stretch of Gold Bar rim trail.


  1. Dude! You're killing me with the Moab pics. Beautiful country there. I saw your intro on the UR list and came over here. I'll add you to my stalker's list. You're just a bit smaller than me but, sounds like, quite a bit faster. Good race here and congrats on Wasatch. I'm not going out to 100 (yet).

  2. David Ray

    Thanks for checking it out. You have got to get to Moab, it is such a cool place. As for Wasatch it is crazy. You do what feels good.

  3. Dear Troy,
    I have ridden those trails in a Jeep..I didn't think it was possible to run them...WOW!
    Anyways, if you have any advice for coaching laX let me know ;)